Department Policies and General information

The Lake Mills School District, through the Lake Mills Recreation Department, is committed in providing high quality recreational activities for the Lake Mills community and beyond. 

VISION: It is our vision to provide our entire community with  a variety of high quality recreational activities that promote overall wellness of our community members. 

The following policies, guidelines and general program information are in place for the individuals, volunteers and staff who participate in or operate our programs.  

Anti-Discrimination Policy

The Lake Mills School District does not discriminate against pupils on the basis of sex, race, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability or handicap in its educational programs or activities.  Federal law prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, national origins, sex, religion or handicap.

Behavior Policy

It is the objective of the Lake Mills Recreation Department to provide a positive leisure experience for all participants. Appropriate behavior is expected from all participants and spectators in programs and in school district facilities to protect the enjoyment and safety of all patrons. Behaviors that will not be accepted include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1.  Endangering the health and safety of other participants, patrons, or staff.
  2. Disrupting a program or creating a disturbance at a facility.
  3. Continuous refusal to follow program and/or facility rules and guidelines.
  4.  Use of verbal harassment, profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, or racial slurs.
  5.  Blatant disrespect of staff and program or facility rules and guidelines.
  6.  Damage, vandalism or theft of private or school district facilities, equipment, or supplies.
  7.  Possession or use of illegal substances or medication, including the use of alcohol or smoking where prohibited.
  8.  Possession or threat of a weapon.
  9.  Inappropriate display of affection.

The following outlines steps that may be used with patrons who are not behaving appropriately.  Program fees will not be refunded for any person removed from a program due to violation of this behavior policy.

All program participants and spectators are expected to behave appropriately and follow the rules of the program. A participant will receive written notice for inappropriate behavior, and in the case of a minor, a copy of the notice from the Recreation Department Director will be provided to such minor’s parent/guardian. If a participant receives three notices of inappropriate behavior, or if the participant is involved in one severe incident, as determined by LMRD staff, the participant may no longer participate in the program until a meeting is scheduled and held. The participant, a parent/guardian if the participant is a minor, the program instructor, the program supervisor, and any other persons whom the Recreation Department considers necessary for a resolution of the inappropriate behavior, shall be present at such meeting. At the meeting, the question of continued participation in the program will be considered and, primarily for minor participants, a Behavior Contract may be prepared as a condition of continued participation. Such a Behavior Contract will be personalized to the circumstances and the participant, and will include specific expectations and consequences for failure to meet such expectations, including possible suspension and/or termination from program participation. Inappropriate behavior by adults may result in more rapid progress toward suspension or termination from program participation.

Inclement Weather Policy

Programs may be canceled in advance by the recreation department due to environmental or weather related events and how they affect participants, staff, and volunteers to safely operate the program. The following policies and guidelines are in place to explain and assist with weather related cancelations.   The official cancelation notice will come via a post on our website.  Additional cancelation notices will be sent out through email, social media, or other means. 

Indoor Events:

  1. Youth Events:
    1. If school is canceled due to any weather, environmental or facility related issues all youth events will be canceled.
    2. If weather is deemed dangerous after school is out a call will be made before 4pm. Any cancelations after 4:00PM will be at the discretion of the program supervisor, umpire/official or coach present at the event.
  2. Adult Events:
    1. If the facilitates are closed due to any weather, environmental or facility related issues all events will be canceled.  
    2. If conditions improve over time some adult activities may run as scheduled.

Out Door Events:


  1. Cancellations due to heat: If the heat index reaches 105 degrees at  4:00pm all outdoor events, games and practices will be canceled.  If the heat index reaches 95 before 4:00pm  all 4K- 1st grade activities will be canceled.  Practice or games will be canceled at the discretion of the coach or officials if a weather related emergency happens after 4:00pm on any given day. 
  1. In the event that any Lake Mills Area School District events or classes are canceled due to inclement weather, then all LMRD events/practices will be canceled.  
  2. If lightning is spotted or thunder is heard players must take immediate shelter under a building structure or in a vehicle.  Game/practices or events may only resume 30 minutes after the last sighting of lightning or thunder is heard. 
  3. If the Recreation Department or coaches  are advised by the school or city that the fields, diamonds, or green spaces are not playable or if play may cause damage to the fields we will cancel any game or practice that may take place on those areas. 
  4. If weather conditions are not deemed dangerous,  all programs will continue as scheduled. 
  5. Source:

Outdoor Activity guidelines in heat:

  1. Between 90-95 degrees: Be cautious of heat related illness, drink lots of water and take several breaks.
  1. Between 95-100 degrees: Be cautious of heat related illness, drink lots of water and take several breaks .  Partake in less strenuous exercises/drills. Move to an alternate location if available.

Between 100- 105 degrees: Be cautious of heat related illness, drink lots of water and take several breaks.  Partake in less strenuous exercises/drills and shorten practices.  Move to an alternate location if available.

Insurance Coverage

The Lake Mills Area School District and Lake Mills Recreation Department do not provide medical or accident insurance for any program participants both residents or non- residents.  Participants are strongly encouraged to obtain their own insurance coverage prior to participating in programs.  

Late Registration Policy

In the event that an individual, or an adult team requests to register for a Lake Mills Recreation Department  (LMRD) sponsored program or league at any time after the programs announced deadline, the following late procedures will occur:

  1. An additional fee of $10 will be added to the registration cost of an individual signing up for any adult or youth programing, if the participant signs up after the announced registration deadline.
  2. An additional fee of $10 will be added to the registration cost of any adult team signing up for an adult league, if the team signs up after the announced registration deadline.
  3. “Absolute Deadlines”  Each program may be entitled to set an “absolute deadline” if the program requires time sensitive planning.  Once that deadline is established, on a per program bases, and has been reached, no participants may register for that particular program through LMRD. The following ‘absolute deadlines’ will apply with the definitions stated below:
    1. Outside leagues: Programs that participate with a league or entity that is outside of the Lake Mills School District.  Deadline will be when final rosters are submitted to the governing league or entity.  Each outside league or entity will have a different deadline requirement depending on the level of planning needed.  This absolute deadline will not be publicized by LMRD. 
    2. Team sport/programs: “ In House” programs that are scheduled by LMRD Staff.  Deadlines will be enforce 1 weeks prior to the start of the program.  Any late registrations submitted within 1 week prior to the start of the specific program may be accepted if additional participants are needed or if program supplies still exist. 
    3. Camps and Skills Programs: These programs will accept participants up to the start day of the event.  Participants that register on the day of the event may not receive program supplies that were ordered in advance based on the number of registrations the day after the program deadline.  Day of registrations may be subject to refusal if program space does not exist or program supplies run out.

Exceptions to the deadline:

New community members that move into the district after the cut off will be given an opportunity to register for a program after the deadline has expired.  If the absolute deadline has expired then participants will not be accepted.

Photo Policy

Participants or their parents (if participant is under 18) permit the taking of photos, audio and videotapes during Recreation Department activities for publication and use as the Recreation Department deems necessary.  If you do not want a picture or video taken of yourself, please inform the director or instructor prior to the start of the program. 

Program Cancellations Policy

LMRD reserves the right to cancel a program due to low enrollment. Participants will be contacted at least three days prior to an activity being cancelled. Fees for programs cancelled by the Recreation Department due to low enrollment will be refunded. Programs are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather, holidays, or facility conflicts. The Recreation Department will attempt to reschedule a makeup session for such occasions, but this cannot be guaranteed. Individuals and teams that cancel due to personal  or other reason will not be rescheduled and refunds will not be issued. 

Refund Policy

In the event that an adult or child participant requests to “drop out” from a program or league at any time prior to the start of a program the following refund procedures will occur.

  1. Before the start of the program-  Participants who request to  “drop out” of a program before the start date of a program, including practices and games, will forfeit $3 of their registration to cover any administrative costs.   Additionally participants may be asked to cover the cost of any supplies or equipment that were ordered in advance of the program. Requests must be made a minimum of 1 week prior to the start of the program to receive a full refund.
    1. Participants may also choose to “roll over” their entire fee in program credit.  This credit may be applied towards their next program.
  2. During the program- Individuals and in Non team activities who request to “drop-out” after the start of a program but before the half way mark will forfeit 50% of their registration fee.  Any adult team that choses to “drop out” after the start of a program forfeit 100% of their registration fee.
  3. No Refund will be offered after the halfway point of any program. 
  4. Canceled events- In the event that a program is canceled due to low enrolment all participants will receive a full refund.
  5. Medical Withdraw- If a participant can no longer continue to participate due to a medical emergency, that participant will receive a prorated refund.  The individual must provide a signed doctors letter in order to receive a refund. 
  6. Relocation Refund- If a participant or the participants family moves out of any time before the start of a program will receive a refund minus the cost of supplies if ordered already. If the participant moves after the start of a program they will be issued a prorated refund.   

All refunds will be issued in the form of a Check even if the original payment is in the form of cash or credit card. 

Resident vs. Non- Resident Fee

A Resident (R) is defined as an adult or child that lives within the Lake Mills Area School District boundaries or open enrolls to attend LMASD Schools. The Resident fee will be displayed directly before the (R) in LMRD program descriptions. Non- Resident (NR) is defined as an adult or child that does not live within the Lake Mills Area School District boundaries and does not have any children who enroll into the district. Non- Resident (NR) participants will pay an additional $10 on over the set Resident fee. The Non-Resident fee will be displayed directly before the (NR) in LMRD program descriptions.

Tobacco/ Alcohol Use Policy

Tobacco and alcohol use is prohibited at all LMRD events on School District property, in accordance with State Law. 


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