LMASD Laptop Guidelines

LMASD Laptop Computer Guidelines


Laptop computers are available from the Lake Mills Area School District (LMASD) for employees to perform their job responsibilities. The laptop computers are the property of LMASD and are available for use only to employees.  The use of a LMASD laptop computer requires the approval of the building Information and Technology Committee, and the employee’s supervisor.  Employees must read and agree to the terms and conditions of these guidelines for the use of a LMASD laptop computer.  A copy of these guidelines will be provided to each borrower for reference.


The employee agrees to follow all LMASD regulations and policies governing the use of the laptop computer hardware and software.  The requirements listed below include, but are not limited to, the Acceptable Use Policy, the Web Publishing Guidelines, as well as all applicable State and Federal laws.  Copyright and intellectual property law pertaining to software and information are also to be respected.


In order to provide consistent service, adequate user support, and to ensure network compatibility, the laptop computer is pre-configured with uniform software and hardware components.  If there is a specific need for the installation of additional, or personal, software or hardware, a request must be filed with the employee’s supervisor and the Network Administrator or the building Technology Coordinator.  The request can be found on the District website/Teacher/Forms.


Any component to be installed must not disable or alter the functionality of the pre-included software or hardware, and must be virus-free.  Peer to peer file sharing programs to swap music, video and other files over the internet (e.g. Docushare, Kazaa, Limewire, etc.) and programs included from your Internet Service Provider monopolize network connections and are not to be loaded on the laptop computer.


The laptop computer is issued to the employee personally.  If others use the laptop computer, the employee must completely log out to avoid access to sensitive data by unauthorized personnel or students.  In addition, a laptop computer that is compromised by a third party or incorrectly configured can have adverse effects on the LMASD network.  In this case, the Network Administrator or the building Technology Coordinator may be forced to restrict use of the laptop computer to access the LMASD network until the problem is remedied.


Any identification labels attached to or displayed on the computer shall not be removed or altered, nor shall the employee change identification within the computer, e.g. the computer name.


All laptop computers are covered under the manufacturer’s limited warranty. Damage not covered by the manufacturers warranty or the LMASD includes:

  • Accident;
  • Loss or theft;
  • Unreasonable use, abuse, neglect, and alterations;
  • Improper service, improper installation, and improper connections with peripherals;
  • Other causes not arising out of defects in materials or workmanship;
  • Any service or repair provided outside the scope of the limited warranty; and/or
  • Damage to or loss of any programs, data, or removable storage media, whether it occurs during warranty repair or other repair service.


Any attempts to dismantle or repair the laptop computer by the employee will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.  An employee using a LMASD laptop computer may contact the Network Administrator or the building Technology Coordinator for standard system support.


In the event of a theft (or suspected theft), loss, damage, or malfunction of the laptop computer and/or any of its accessories, the employee must immediately report it to his/her supervisor and the Network Administrator or the building Technology Coordinator.  A formal written description of the incident may be requested within 24 hours. 


Lost power adapters and batteries are not covered and are the responsibility of the employee.  Because LMASD has a $1,000 property insurance deductible, all other charges that are accrued as a result of violations of these guidelines will be reviewed by the Business Manager and the Network Administrator and may result in payment of up to the first $1,000 by the employee. 


If the employee leaves the District, the laptop computer is to be returned immediately to the employee’s supervisor or to the Network Administrator.  Likewise, the employee agrees to return the laptop computer promptly when requested by the LMASD administration.


Violations of this policy are treated as disciplinary infractions.  Actions can result in disciplinary probation, suspension, expulsion, and/or legal action.  LMASD disciplinary actions may be taken in addition to, or regardless of, the results of legal action. 





Building Information and Technology Committee Approval: ________Date: __________


Supervisor: _____________________________________________ Date: __________


Employee: ______________________________________________Date: __________


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