Thursday, December 7, 2017

Class / Section Grade Teacher Assignment Due Date
ART 8 8 Julie Schwecke Independently designed hand built clay projects 1/19/2018
8th Grade Language Arts 8 Caitlin Mullarky 8th Grade Language Arts - Google Classroom 6/8/2018

Hello! All assignments are posted in each section's Google Classroom. There you will find assignments due, photo examples, and daily explanations of what we are working on in class. Parents, please let me know if you would like access!

In general, I do not assign homework. A student's homework is work not completed during class work time. 

However, we are ALWAYS reading. Students are in book clubs throughout the year, and set daily goals for reading with their clubs. A really good goal is to aim for 30 minutes of nightly reading. Remember, reading is the greatest thing you can do for your mind and to perform better in all subjects! Take a break from daily stressors and grab a book!

Toll Math 8 8 Vanessa Toll ALEKS TOPICS 12/10/2017


French 8 8 Ellen Onsrud assignment completed in class 12/10/2017
FACS 8 8 Sue Haviland Gingerbread Houses due 12/21/2017
Toll Math 8 8 Vanessa Toll QUIZ CORRECTIONS 12/12/2017

Paper quiz corrections

Language Arts 8-05 8 Kelly Olson Nightly Reading

As we work to build a community of avid readers, it is important that we read each day.  While we do read at school, it is essential that we read at home, too. Middle school students are expected to read at least thirty minutes every night. You may find time right after school, after dinner, or right before bed. Enjoy some quiet time with a wonderful book! :) 

Math 8 8 Sam Fisher ALEKS (6 Topics) 12/3/2017
AC Math 8 8 Sam Fisher Chapter 4 - HW 6 12/8/2017
AC Math 8 8 Sam Fisher ALEKS (6 Topics) 12/10/2017