Friday, February 9, 2018

Class / Section Grade Teacher Assignment Due Date
6th Grade Math 6 Jeff Hegstrom 1st Half of Quarter 3 ALEKS Topics (20) - DUE: Feb. 20 2/20/2018
ART 6 6 Julie Schwecke 1 Point Perspective Cityscape Drawing 2/22/2018

Students will first of all learn the basic steps of using one point perspective, then in a formative assignment practice what they have learned, and finally use what they have learned to create a unique cityscape drawing.

6th Grade Math 6 Jeff Hegstrom Ch. 4 Checkpoint Assignment (WORKSHEET, not on Aleks) - DUE: Feb 15 2/15/2018

In case you misplaced your worksheet, I have attached the Ch. 4 Checkpoint Assignment, due Feb. 15, below.

Ch. 4 Checkpoint Assignment.pdf - 4 Checkpoint Assignment.pdf
Band 6 6 Brad Klotz P. 11 2/9/2018

Practice P. 11 (percussionists will quiz on mallets) for one hour or more, fill out the practice log in the inside front cover of your book, and get a parent/guardian signature by your lesson day.

Toll Math 6 6 Vanessa Toll ALEKS TOPICS 2/11/2018


Language Arts Grade 6 6 Kelly Olson Nightly Reading

As we work to build a community of avid readers, it is important that we read each day.  While we do read at school, it is essential that we read at home, too. Middle school students are expected to read at least thirty minutes every night. You may find time right after school, after dinner, or right before bed. Enjoy some quiet time with a wonderful book! :) 

Language Arts 6 6 Shannon Collier Read Every Day!

In order to continue growing as a reader, it is important to read each day, both at school and at home. Therefore, LMMS students should be reading at least thirty minutes at home every night. This could be any time after school, after dinner, or right before bed. Enjoy some quiet time with a wonderful book! :)

Language Arts 6 6 Shannon Collier Scholastic Book Order due Friday, 2/23!

This month's Scholastic book order is due by Friday, February 23. You can order online or give your order and payment to Mrs. Collier! :)

Science 6 Mark O'Brien 3 R's 2/9/2018


Krueger's Class 6 Lorelei Krueger Project Chapter 5 2/15/2018

The project was explained today.  Students are to decide what they will do for a project.  We will begin work time in class Thursday 2/8/18 and will work in class until Monday.  Students should work on it at home for 20 minutes.