Thursday, October 18, 2018

Class / Section Grade Teacher Assignment Due Date
Band 5 5 Brad Klotz P. 8 10/19/2018

Practice P. 8 (or further if you're ready) for one hour or more, fill out the practice log in the inside front cover of your book, and get a parent/guardian signature. Please try practicing with to listen to a good model sound on your instrument. It will help you sound better faster! If the student activation code doesn't work, click on "My Book Doesn't Have a Code," and enter the tiny numbers on the same page next to the letters ISBN.

Schoeneck's Class 5 Katharine Schoeneck Ready Every Day!

Students in 5th grade should be reading daily.  We strive to allow students 30 minutes of reading time per day in school.  Please try to squeeze in 30 minutes most days of the week (including weekends!)  Every little bit counts and adds to a child's reading skills.  

Walsh Math Class 5 Katherine Walsh iReady - 60 minutes due Sunday Night

All students should complete 60 minutes of iReady a week, Monday through Sunday night.  iReady grades will be in their own category, Formative Other, worth 10% of their grade.  

Schoeneck's Class 5 Katharine Schoeneck Book Orders due Wednesday, October 24th

Students who would like to order from the October book order should place their orders by Wednesday, October 24th.

Schoeneck's Class 5 Katharine Schoeneck Narrative Writing Due Friday, October 19th

Students have been working on a narrative story for several weeks.  This may be a true story from their lives, or it may be a made up story.  Final stories are due Friday.  Check Google Classroom for a checklist of skills we've been working on!