Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Class / Section Grade Teacher Assignment Due Date
French 7 7 Ellen Onsrud Assignment completed in class 6/6/2019
Science 7 7 Kathy Rosecke Scavenger Hunt - Quarter Project 10/24/2018

If working a lone, students are to collect five things for each of the five section. They can collect it in any form they wish. If you have questions about any of the items, please email me.

If working with a partner, between the two of them, they have to do all of them. Each person should do five from each section. When the items are labeled they should identify which person did which ones.


This is due October 24th, they can be brought in as early as October 22nd.

7th Grade Scavenger Hunt.docx - //www.lakemills.k12.wi.us/faculty/KRosecke/cms_files/assignment_attach/37166/7th Grade Scavenger Hunt.docx
Band 7 7 Brad Klotz P. 22 10/19/2018

Practice P. 22 and sheet music for one hour or more, fill out the practice log in the inside front cover of your book, and get a parent/guardian signature by your lesson day. Percussionists will quiz on drums.

Toll Math 7 7 Vanessa Toll 7-4 BLOCK 10/16/2018

2.1.2. 2-26 through 2-30, learning log 2-25


Toll's Math 7 Vanessa Toll ALEKS Weekly Topics 10/21/2018

Learn 14 topics each week.  Monday to Sunday night


If you do not get 14 topics, you can make up your missing topics on later weeks.  However, it's two for the price of one. EX if you missed 4 topics you will need to make up 8.

Language Arts 7 7 Shannon Collier Read Every Day!

In order to continue growing as a reader, it is important to read each day, both at school and at home. Therefore, LMMS students should be reading at least thirty minutes at home every night. This could be any time after school, after dinner, or right before bed. Enjoy some quiet time with a wonderful book! :)