Friday, October 19, 2018

Class / Section Grade Teacher Assignment Due Date
Band 6 6 Brad Klotz P. 5 10/19/2018

Practice P. 5 and sheet music for one hour or more, fill out the practice log in the inside front cover of your book, and get a parent/guardian signature by your lesson day. Percussionists will quiz on drums.

Math 6-5 6 Tracy Voigt ALEKS learn 14 topics by Sun at 11:59 p.m. 10/21/2018
Language Arts Grade 6 6 Kelly Olson Nightly Reading

Please read about 30 minutes a night! This will help you grow as a reader and continue to build strong reading habits. So, find a comfortable spot & a great book and enjoy your nightly reading! 

Language Arts 6 6 Shannon Collier Read Every Day!

In order to continue growing as a reader, it is important to read each day, both at school and at home. Therefore, LMMS students should be reading at least thirty minutes at home every night. This could be any time after school, after dinner, or right before bed. Enjoy some quiet time with a wonderful book! :)

Science 6 Mark O'Brien Current Science:October 10/22/2018

Current Science: Article summery  Due: Monday October 22nd