Lake Mills Area School District

Recommendations to the Board of Education

Winter, 2015



District Mission

Preparing all of today’s students for tomorrow’s opportunities



District Vision

A community passionate about inspiring all learners



 District Belief Statements

We believe that ALL of our students deserve a quality education.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone in the learning community to respond to their students' learning differences and individual needs by providing differentiated teaching practices that promote achievement.

We believe that ALL of our students and their families are important.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone in the learning community to build relationships and trust with their students and their families.

We believe that passion results when students are engaged in their learning.  Learning must be innovative, personalized, and student-centered.  Therefore, our district curricula must provide outlets for student interests and a variety of quality opportunities for demonstrating mastery of learning.


We believe that the ability to think critically is an essential life skill.  Therefore, it will be the mission of all educators in the learning community to include opportunities for students to think critically within the content area.


We believe in the inclusion of all students.


We believe in the importance of arts, athletics and other activities to the education process.


We believe in citizenship before championships.


We believe our schools need to provide a safe, healthy, green, welcoming and clean environment. 


We believe reaching educational goals is the mutual responsibility of the student, the parent/guardian, the school, and the community.


The following four core strategies, in bold, organize our continuous improvement work at the district and at the school level.  Our core strategies are further defined and supported by our strategic objectives, which are listed under each header.  We will focus on key performance objectives each year within these strategic objectives in order to meet our mission, vision, and belief statements for student learning.


Inspire Teaching, Learning and Achievement

Provide an environment for students to achieve personal excellence and optimize learning by:

  • Promoting an engaging, innovative, and rigorous curriculum
  • Developing a fluid, individualized, and collaborative learning environment
  • Recruiting, retaining and developing inspiring, effective educators


Nurture the Whole Child

Utilize a whole child approach that respects the intrinsic balance of academic achievement and physical, emotional, and social well being required to inspire and develop a socially responsible citizen by:

  • Fostering academics, electives and co-curricular activities
  • Enhancing student nutrition
  • Developing character and social responsibility


Embrace the Village Philosophy

Grow dynamic collaborative relationships with and among students, families, staff, the school board, and the community to increase trust, promote shared responsibility, and facilitate growth by:

  • Continuously improving two-way communication between stakeholders
  • Fostering a more transparent and comprehensive public information and feedback system
  • Exploring and pursuing beneficial community partnerships


Serve as Responsible Stewards

Develop and implement forward-thinking, effective, and efficient infrastructure, processes, and assessments that are adaptable to evolving needs, align with resources for maximized impact, and embody the vision and mission of the district by:

  • Continuously emphasizing green initiatives
  • Continuously reviewing and addressing facilities and technology to meet student needs, including safety and security


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