Photo Name Title Email Phone Web site
Adam, Shawn Adam, Shawn Special Education ParaEducator/Bus Transportation Email (920)648-2355 ext 313
Albrecht, Danielle Albrecht, Danielle 5th Grade Teacher Email (920)648-2358 ext 251 Web site
Alexander, Steve Alexander, Steve Custodian Email (920)648-2358 ext 443
Annen, Justin Annen, Justin Physical Education Teacher Email (920)648-2338 ext 433 Web site
Atkinson, Leann Atkinson, Leann Food Service Email (920)648-2358
Azzaro, Roseanne Azzaro, Roseanne Food Service Email (920)648-2355 ext 312
Bade, Liz Bade, Liz Library Media Director/Webmaster Email (920)648-2355 ext 309 Web site
Bargenquast, Kelly Bargenquast, Kelly 4K Teacher - Lake Mills Elementary School Email (920) 648-2338 ext 452 Web site
Barlow, Steve Barlow, Steve Custodian Email 648-2358 ext 443
Barrows, Judy Barrows, Judy Special Education ParaEducator Email (920)648-2355 ext 313
Becerril, Brenda Becerril, Brenda ParaEducator/Spanish Interpreter Email (920)648-2338 ext 347
Beeney, Christi Beeney, Christi Special Education ParaEducator Email (920)648-2338
Berg, Nikki Berg, Nikki Kindergarten Teacher Email (920)648-2338 ext 424 Web site
Bill, John Bill, John Bus Transportation Email (920)648-2355 ext 311
Bouska, Casey Bouska, Casey Spanish Teacher Email (920)648-2355 ext 349 Web site
Bower, Jennifer Bower, Jennifer Principal Email (920)648-2358 ext 211 Web site
Braasch, Jennifer Braasch, Jennifer Food Service Email (920)648-2355 ext 312
Braasch, Scott Braasch, Scott Custodian Email (920)648-2355 ext 310
Brigham, Tammy Brigham, Tammy Food Service Email (920)648-2338
Brockert, Wendy Brockert, Wendy Business Administrator Email (920)648-2215 ext 364 Web site
Brown, Melissa Brown, Melissa Assistant Principal/Director of Special Education Email (920)648-2358 ext 287 Web site
Brunner, Joricea Brunner, Joricea Secretary/Technology Support Email (920)648-2338 ext 403
Buchholtz, Kimberly Buchholtz, Kimberly Special Education ParaEducator Email (920)648-2358
Buth, Andrea Buth, Andrea 4K ParaEducator Email (920)648-2338
Camacho, Roberto Camacho, Roberto ParaEducator Email (920)648-2338
Carlton, Mark Carlton, Mark Transportation Director Email (920)648-2355 ext 311
Carmody, Joe Carmody, Joe Science Teacher Email (920)648-2355 ext 356 Web site
Carncross, Mary Carncross, Mary 6th & 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher Email (920)648-2358 ext 270 Web site
Ciesiolka, Kristina Ciesiolka, Kristina Special Education ParaEducator/Van Transportation Email (920)648-2355 ext 313/331
Clift, Jim Clift, Jim 8th Grade Science Teacher Email (920)648-2358 ext 286 Web site
Collier, Shannon Collier, Shannon 6th & 7th Grade Language Arts Email (920) 648-2358 ext 261 Web site
Collins, Meegan Collins, Meegan 3rd GradeTeacher Email (920)648-2338 ext 405 Web site
Considine, Steve Considine, Steve Assistant Principal & Athletic Director Email (920)648-2355 ext 373 Web site
Cordy, Beth Cordy, Beth 2nd Grade Teacher Email (920)648-2338 ext 420 Web site
Crain, Kathleen Crain, Kathleen Occupational Therapist Email (920)648-2338 ext 449 Web site
Crenshaw, Rebecca Crenshaw, Rebecca Secretary Email (920)648-2358 ext 209 Web site
Cubberly, Katie Cubberly, Katie Special Education ParaEducator Email (920)648-2338
Czerniak, Chris Czerniak, Chris Technology Coordinator Email (920)648-2338 ext 338 Web site
Dahl, Marjorie Dahl, Marjorie Library Media Director Email (920)648-2338 ext 406 Web site
Davies, Rachael Davies, Rachael School Board Treasurer Email
Davis, Ann Davis, Ann Bus Transportation Email (920)648-2355 ext 311
Dayton, Ben Dayton, Ben Recreation Director Email (920)648-2215 ext 367
Delaney, Dawn Delaney, Dawn School Board Clerk Email
Denzin, Beth Denzin, Beth Mathematics Teacher Email (920)648-2355 ext 320 Web site
Dimperio, Robert Dimperio, Robert School Board Vice President Email
Dula, Martin Dula, Martin Bus Transportation Email (920)648-2355 ext 311
Elliott, Amber Elliott, Amber 6th & 8th Grade Language Arts Email (920)648-2358 ext 240 Web site
Engel, Daphne Engel, Daphne Food Service Email (920)648-2355 ext 312
Everson, Jamie Everson, Jamie Special Education Coordinator/Dean of Students Email (920)648-2338 ext 431 Web site
Fadroski, Amanda Fadroski, Amanda Special Education Teacher Email (920)648-2355 ext 331 Web site